The Drone

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This project is a great opportunity for me to test my ability in marketing through the use of analytics. This has provided insights on what to do with the data given at hand. Marketing is not just posting pictures of a product on many social newtworking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. What I did here is to target the right market by setting the proper audience who are also interested in photography and filming, that is, these persons truly love the art of taking pictures through the use of advance power of artificial intelligence.



Through the use of analytics, we are able to expand our influence by connecting to a bigger market. We are also able to understand the behavior of our users. Through this understanding, we are able to capture their interest by improving our branding. We need to suit to their taste and kind of approach. One key are is also the proper positioning of the brand’s name especially in areas where sales are huge, also being brisk in areas where the branding is a struggle.



The performance of the site has tremendoulsy improved. Our sales has been increasing; inqueries have been so incessant.
Truly, marketing without the use of analytics is a lame marketing.