How to Understand Machine Learning in a Nutshell

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Machine learning has the answer for most, if not all. People may wonder at how events may take place. With the use of machine learning, unforseen events or things may may be predicted. Read he passage below, and learn how machine learning works.


In today’s world, many theories have already been set-up. There have been so many rules made to meet the demands of time and human necessities, most especially that the competition has become so stiff. This has put one’s imagination and creativity to be challenged because in a snap of a finger, many business concepts just come out. One has to find the efficacy of his idea. He has to innovate it.


This is where algorithm comes in. It is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations so that problems can be solved. Then, this question would set in: “What kind of machine learning algorithm one should use?” The answer to this question must be qualified. This is because it should depend on the size, quality, and nature of the data. It depends on the expected result one has to do with the answer. It depends on the rules or algorithm one has been inputted into his program to translate into instructions. It also depends on the length of time available.
The goal of machine learning is to program computers to use example data or past experience to solve a given problem (Introduction to Machine Learning, 2nd Edition, MT Press). It means to say that you already have the data, but you only need to analyze them based on what kind of result you want to expect. It also means that based on the past data already accumulated, you would like to have a new understanding of the previous knowledge.
Having all these said, knowledge in machine learning is very helpful in knowing the future of your business.

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