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Like any other businesses, you must keep track the level of interest of your users. Why is this so? Doing this can make or break your marketing efforts and this can also result to the rise and fall of your cash inflows. So to speak, if the numbers are inconsistent with your expectations, then you have found an area of very sweet spot. If it is the contrary, then it is the moment to reevaluate in order to innovate your marketing campaign strategy. You need to find your appropriate audience, if not the right one. To do this, you must know if your ads are winning actions. If marketing ads and social buzz are so positive, it is not yet the moment to be confident and leave everything in their status quo.
Active users of Google Analytics can help you see the enthusiasm of your users. You can keep track with the trend of their behavior. This is so because you can keep track active users for increments of 1, 7, 14 and 30 days.