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Decision making is one of the most important aspects of a business, be it is small, medium or large. This is the very heart of any business since this is the starting point of success or failure. With this, you need to have ample information which allows you to have informed decision so as to evade downsizing. This is especially true in the online world where people just come and go in a flick of a second to find something that suits their tastes and styles. No matter what you are selling online – products or services – it is very essential to keep track and understand the journey of your visitors and users. And this is the thrust of Google Analytics.
There are so many things that one needs to understand about Google Analytics. It is for free. But, if you would like to have more, you could use its premium services. Both free and premium options are powerful tools that can help you visualize the true picture of your clients’ behavior. They describe who they are and where they are from. This is the platform that connects to all pages of a certain website. With this,  you can understand which page or blog is performing better. By using the dashboard, you can access to a lot of information which you need to understand the movement of your visitors such as what they coursed through before your site, what they are looking for, and even what kind of device they use. It can even provide you with your conversion status.
One may wonder if this can be possible. This is the overview of how Google Analytics works. Some of the data are from one’s own site, that is, the URLs of all the pages it contains. Some of these are gathered from the users’ browsers like the language used, the device or the operating system and browser name, among others. There is the Javascript that tells you which content is read, the length of time one spent in reading, and even the source that leads a visitor to your site.
All the information gathered is then pushed to the server of Google Analytics for processing. This happens in a millisecond. Just think how fast this processing is. Each piece of information is called a hit, and every time there is a visitor, his action is recorded because of a certain code that Google designed for tracking purposes. Every time there is like this, information is pushed, processed and updated. The final information is very helpful in analyzing your performance for creativity and innovation.
Google Analytics contains advanced features that can really help you move forward. To name a few, there are funnel and attribution. These tools can help you assess whether your pages are working for you or against you. In all aspects, it can help you understand the practicality and workability of your contents and the site itself. Through this, you can gain more and deeper insights on the changes you need to implement to increase your performance. When your traffic is strong, your contents can be so timely and specific. If it is not, it could be so weak or some site owners or bloggers could be poaching your contents through SEOs.
In the online world, possibilities are endless; ideas are limitless. However, these can be categorized into five major types: ecommerce, lead generation, content publishing, online information, and branding.  In all of these categories, it cannot be denied that analytics is still and will be a major tool in increasing sales. It is better to think Google Analytics alongside your business.