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The biggest question is this: How can tracking be started? This is the most important step in beginning your tracking after setting up your account. After setting up your account, you are navigated to this. You will be also asked to st up your tracking code. You need to copy this into every page you want to track on your website. If you forgot or did not find this page, you can go to the ADMIN.



After clicking the ADMIN, you go to PROPERTY. You can see that you can click into the boxes. With respect to thetaracking code, Google Analytics will configurate it for you. In short, you will just receive a  code that is so unique for you. Once you have the code, you can copy this to your clipboard, and the paste it to all your sites. You can use apple-c on a Mac. For PC, you can use control-c. If you do not know how to do this and if you have your web developer, you can ask him to install this for you. This is understandable as everybody is not familiar with web developing. But not everybody can do this as this may add up to your expenses. You might think of some implementations. You have many options: PHP Implementation, Dynamic Content Implementation, and Google Tag Manager. The last one is the best one to use if it is your first time adding this code. It is worth to explore and use Google Tag Manager as this allows you to add more tags to your site beyond just the simple analytics. There is no more need to repeat the process of adding snippet over and over again.