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Having a Google Analytics account does not automatically track the performance of your site. Certain actions need to be considered in order for the data you want to be present. To trigger more actions, what is needed is the code and install it. There are ways how to add Google Analytics to your website. If you are so serious about your site, you need to do any of the following:

Using Plugins

I highly recommend using this method as this is the easiest and simplest way of installing Google Analytics. This is especially true when you are not familiar with programming. There are so many available plugins available, but let’s just use the most used one.
  1. Once, you are logged in to your wordpress site, go to the dasboard. Then, hover over plugin, and choose “add new”.



2. Search for plugin, and it is called “Google Analytics Dasboard for WP”. Then, install and activate it.



3. Once it is activated, you can see a Google Analytics Tab. Hover over it, and click “General Settings”.



4. Authorize that plugin. You are asked to have your “access code”. This step now requires you to have a Google             Analytics Account. If you do not have any, you must sign up for one. Once you are done with your account, you are   given a code. But, once you have your plugin, you do not need to copy the code.
5. This time, click “Access Code”.



6.  You are navigated to this. Then, click “allow”. It means that your plugin is now now allowed to have an access to      your analytics account.



7. A code will be given to you. Copy this code and paste it on your clip board. Then click “save access code”.




8. Click “lock selection” after selection your site. This is only applicable if your havemore than one site. Then, scroll down and click “save changes”.


9. Once it is done, you already have your analytics on your dashboard.  It tells you the basic things about your website such your traffic, unique views, location, among others. You can also set up different time frames, and real time. If you go to your analytics account, you can also see data.Of course, the data on your analytics account give you more comprehensive view of your reports.



10. You may do not want to include yourself in the data as this can really affect the real reporting. In your report, you may see 500 views, but, in reality, you only have 300 because the remaining 200 is you. This is a realy big gap.What you will do is go to Google and search for “block yourself from analytics.” You can block chrome, zafari or any browser you are using. You add it to your browser, and to your extension. Then, you simply have to add your URL.



Direct Paste Method

Functions.php Method

Using Google Tag Manager Method


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