Glory in Failing

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Failing is not the end. It is an opportunity for growth. But most people have never seen this end. They treat failing as something so disgraceful, something that locks someone in a vacuum where exits is so impossible. If only one could imagine that failing is not a negative detour, then he could realize that this mishap is an opportunity. Many people would succumb to fears and discouragement if failing is so imminent. This one sided feeling does not help, but lures one to meekness and retreat by abandoning the future and making the present appear so hopeless and meaningless.
Life has so many possibilities, and that each possibility carries an option, not a choice. Life is how we make it as the old adage goes. If you choose to be a loser, then you are a loser. If you choose to be poor, then you are poor. On the contrary, if you choose to be a success, then you are a success. If you choose to be a winner, then you are a winner.
Everything in life is a battle of our faith. Faith comes when there is peace in you because you believe that something is going to happen. Zig Ziglar said, “Everybody was born to be winner, but for one to be a winner, he must think like a winner and prepare to be a winner.”
At some points of our life’s journey, we may become victims of disaster. When these strike, it is better to be equipped with the right mindset on how to deal with it. Here are the things to do:
  1. Think that tough times never last
As we are tossed and turned upside down, we should keep the status quo of our mentality. Look straight ahead what lies before you. Remember that tough times never last, but tough people do. Think that a part of your life as a chasm, in which, you have to construct a bridge to meet both ends. Constructing a bridge means living a life one day at a time. Enjoy the bumpy and the rough road while taking note of the life’s lesson every bruise caused. And when you get to the other end, the journey is worthwhile that you could possibly imagine.
  1. Maintain the right attitude
When you are almost caught off guard by trials, maintain your composure. Point yourself upward. There is one speck that you want to arrive at. Stay focused on your journey; irrelevant things must be decluttered in your bucket list.
  1. Consider failing as an opportunity for growth
No man in this world has not ever encountered failing. Failing is a part and parcel of success. Success is sweeter if accompanied by failing alongside. Every time you fall, get up on your feet and stand stronger than before. Undo the mistakes, improve the stronger points, and equip yourself with the things you do not possess but are necessary in getting to where you want to get.
Life, truly, is a gift. Do not just wait for possibilities to come. Make an option. And start today.