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The days of brick-and-mortar stores are now gone. Online stores have become a part of one’s daily routine. E-commerce has reached impressive performance and its growth has been so healthy that has been drawing immeasurable accolades. It is expected that its influence will continue to soar as internet accessibility is becoming better and more people are becoming more techie. So to speak, millennials keep buying online as their purchasing power is increasing.   The presence of one’s business online is a great advantage if he wants to cope with the competition.

                                        MY GUARANTEE, YOUR ASSURANCE
You company can leverage on my analytical skills and passion for online marketing. You can rely on me in analyzing your data to boost your innovation and competitiveness. You never have to worry about analyzing your marketing efforts and strategies. I can help you keep track with the trends by looking into the core of different demographics such as their preferences, age bracket, and movement, among others. I can take care of your social media accounts and deal into their respective performances with my ideas that are based on intensive research. Finally, you’ve found the most investigative and thorough analyst in town. You can enjoy peace of mind because I am in-charge of your data analysis.


                                       WHY CHOOSE ME IN BUILDING YOUR BRAND
I am your perfect partner in building your brand. From Facebook Ad management to interpreting FB ad conversion report to Google Analytics and to Google Tag Manager, I can cater for them all. I use the best analysis strategies so you can have a clearer picture of your business performance. I have an immense depth of expertise in analytics to manage your project.




Real Business. Real Analytics.

  • Wow Joseph, awesome Website! Very nice look and all. Keep up the great work. I know how hard it is to publish something good every week
Andreaz Kretz
With Joseph’s help I am able to expand my reach to partner with private individuals and organizations to sponsor my NGO.
 Thank you for being diligent and getting started. It has been a good partnerhip with you.
Joseph’s understanding of analytics is a great help for me to advance my career online. His insights are very enlightening, and his tutorials profound.
This has been a great learning for me to advance my business to a higher new level.

Now, here lies the most important thing about why you should choose the best mind in analyzing your data. In cases where you are handling a big amount of data, there could be a problem with its measurement. This is why you need a system that can gather and organize the data so you could report your business objectives and key performance indicators well. My knowledge in Google Analytics combined with the power of Google Tag Manager can help you implement your measurement easier with accuracy.
So true, understanding cross-domain tracking is very helpful in having a complete overview of the respective performances of your different domains. This is also true with respect to multiple websites whose performances can be seen in the same reporting page.  With my help, these things come in an easy form. You have nothing to worry about.