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Marketing has never been a new thing to me. I have been doing it for years.
The difficult times had never been evitable – ranging from competitors which are brick-and-mortar just a few meters away from my store to networking marketing ideas which have lured thousands of people to filthy income promises. With this stiff competition bracing aside, the idea of longevity of the business may mean so rough, even unimaginable. The capital amount which took years to be accumulated was now in danger of losing. I have to find of a way.
Online marketing attracted my business ego. It used to be a kind of thing so foreign in me, at least, in the level of my business psyche. It took me quite a while to decide and understand what field of marketing I had to focus on. Firstly, I never knew if there was any existing training center in town that could equip me with some online marketing skills. Though this kind of idea was not known, the fact that I did not have any basic understanding was a great obstacle to jumpstart a new career. Secondly, another equally important problem was what to market. My idea of marketing was limited only tangible commodities, both consumables and non-consumables. And thirdly, I thought that doing business online was only constriction of buy and sell. Later did I know that expertise and talent could be.
It was one day of April 2016, my friend who attended a Wealth Summit told me about the good news-a unique business idea online you can start. This sparked my eyes. I love reading. In fact, we have lots of books to read – from inspirational to business to novels to leadership to stocks to religion to politics. But the best of them all is the book about online ideas which can be turned into cash. And now, a bright future waited for us. We found our sweet spot.
Without further ado, I enrolled in Jomar Hilario’s online virtual career seminar. It may sound funny but I ran going to the bank to deposit my payment for the said training. I was so excited that after this I hurriedly went back home to register. While waiting for the confirmation for three days, I read articles online about online careers. I met so many virtual professionals talking about their experiences. With this, my yearning to work from home really chilled me in the spine. I have been hoping to have more time for myself without worrying for the traffic and quotas. I have been teaching for nine years now. Yes, the job is so fulfilling especially when you see your students are learning. It is one of the most beautiful things that has even happened to me. However, the other side of me is haunting its own self. My entrepreneurial talent cannot wait for the time that it could be harnessed. There is no tomorrow. The best time is today. I need to start now, or else never. I am tired of doing traditional business, more so being an employee.
To put everything in a better foundation, I also read Jomar Hilarios’s book entitled “Virtual Career”. I religiously read it. For more than a month, this became my bible. I brought it wherever I went. Reading it once was never enough. I had to read it through and through. It made me realize I lack so many things. I painstakingly followed the instructions. It is worth it! I have learned so many things, that is, understanding virtual professional, presenting oneself, and making one’s positioning, among others. Most importantly, I have learned how to make my portfolio.  In this portfolio, I focus on analytics since I love numbers and analyzing things. This can set my career on fire.
There are still so many things to learn. At first, the road may be bumpy but I need to be composed and persistent. One day, I could help my fellow Filipinos to do online analytics. And this is my dream!